January 2012

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The National Indian Gaming Association Winter Legislative Summit is being held February 7-8 in Washington DC. Topics to be covered include internet gaming, labor issues, land into trust, and the NIGC regulatory process. read more
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NAFOA, NCAI, ATNI and several other tribal organizations will be hosting a January 31, 2012 webinar to examine the "General Welfare Doctrine" as it is applied to tribal governments by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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As the legislature searches for solutions to Washington State's budget shortfall, another increase in a "sin-tax" on cigarettes has been proposed. read more
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In a recent 5-4 decision (ZDI Gaming, Inc. v. State), the Washington Supreme Court upheld the superior court's jurisdiction to review a Washington State Gambling Commission ("Commission") decision. In the case at issue, the Commission denied the application of ZDI Gaming Inc. to distribute its VIP (video interactive display) electronic pull tab machine. Although the gaming machine petition was made moot by a change in Commission rules, the jurisdictional question remained a disputed question. read more
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I was honored to be asked by Seattle Business magazine to provide a quote on how to create jobs in Washington State. I chose to focus on the important role tourism plays in the economic strength of our state. read more